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Counseling Services

School counseling services support students in acquiring the attitude, knowledge and skills that contribute to academic, social/personal and career success. School counselors work in schools to:

  • Teach skills that help children succeed in school and in their personal life.
  • Help resolve problems that interfere with student learning.
  • Advocate for children and families and provide referrals for long term counseling.
  • Provide privacy of information shared by parents and students in a safe and confidential environment.
  • Promote career development and post-high school planning.

Our counseling staff are here for your assistance. Your school counselor can be reached by calling the main office.

Welcome to the SHS Counseling Center!

Scroll down for School Counselor contact information and more, or click on the picture below to "enter" the virtual Counseling Center.


Image of virtual SHS Counseling Office


SHS School Counseling Mission Statement:

The mission of the Sumner Senior High School Counseling Department is to take an essential role in providing and maintaining a safe, equitable, and accessible educational environment. The School Counseling Department provides a data-driven, comprehensive counseling program that focuses on the academic, social/emotional, and post secondary planning needs of all students. Students reach individual success through group and individual counseling, academic support, crisis prevention and intervention, post-secondary planning, and student/family advocacy ensuring equity for all. The school counselors at Sumner collaborate with teachers, staff, administrators, families, and community partnerships so that all students are prepared to be productive and responsible citizens who have a plan to reach their post-secondary goals with confidence. 

SHS School Counseling Department Vision Statement:

The vision of Sumner Senior High School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive approach to ensure all students graduate through academic, college/career, and social/emotional support that meets the needs of our diverse learning community. In collaboration with our community and in partnership with our families, we will ensure that each stakeholder has a voice in the outcome of the student learner. We will foster our students to become critical thinkers, capable learners, and productive citizens, while preparing them for the rigor of post-secondary education and 21st Century careers. We are committed to developing the intellectual, social, cultural and occupational characteristics of our students in order to develop resilient and effective valued members of a global community.

Sumner High School Counseling Staff

Cynthia Cuellar


Students S-Z

Diana Herrera


Students D-He

Amanda Paulson


Students Md-R

David Sandberg


Students Hi-Mc

Alec Simmons


Students A-C

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